Action Figure Therapy

We got an email this morning from Dan Bialek, letting us know about his new Action Figure Therapy Android Sound App. If you remember we did a post not too long ago about his funny videos of old vintage GI Joe action figures in therapy sessions. Here’s a quick video I found off his website demonstrating the App:

This actually sounds really funny. Our only problem is neither Trog nor I own an Android, iPhone, Droid or whatever… Can’t afford any of the new tech. It’s stuff like this that makes you feel the sting of being poor. If I could though, I would go out tomorrow and pick up one of those nifty little hand held devices. Instead I have to listen to my boss brag about his four fracking iPhones, while I carry around my three year old freebie from T-Mobile… I need a new job…

Here’s what Dan has to say about his nifty new App:

Hello, my name is Dan Bialek. I am a standup comedian and writer in
Los Angeles, California. I’m also the creator of a comedy web series
called “Action Figure Therapy.” It features vintage action figures
talking about their workplace problems in a psychologist’s office.
Since November the series has received over 1.5 million views on
YouTube at

The series currently has over 6,500 fans its Facebook page, And we have recently begun
selling t-shirts and ringtones on our website,

This week we released our first Android soundboard app featuring one
of our most popular characters “Jungle Recon.”

It features over 90 unique sounds from the Jungle Recon character. The
app features the ability to turn any of these sounds into your
phone’s ringtone, alarm tone, or default sound with a simple
long-press. There is a demo video on the front page of our website
showing all of the apps features.

Here is the link for the app on the Android Marketplace:

The app is priced at $2.99. However, we are running promotion deal on
our Facebook page that anyone who buys the app can email us a photo of
the app running on their phone and we’ll send them a promo code for
$5 off any item in our merch store as well as a free Deluxe 3-Pack of
AFT ringtones (a $2 value).

So, if any El Moochadors out there own an Android, and want to try this out, let us know what you think. I’m off to cook some dinner, and need to find my flint for the fire.

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