Here’s a quick post of something I saw pop up a couple times on my reader last night. It’s a trailer for a Matrix inspired fan-film, called Kaydara. The film itself will be 55 minutes long, and looks like it’ll be released sometime in May (I’m not exactly sure when). I’ve watched the trailer twice now, and I’m really impressed with it. This is fan creativity at its best. Here’s a synopsis from the film’s website:

“Kaydara, a bounty hunter who is living separately from the Human Resistance Group, does not believe in the prophecy of ‘the One.’ He sees this so-called saviour instead as a threat to the awakening of Man’s self-awareness and considers him an enemy. If their paths cross, Kaydara will not hesitate to confront him.”

Sounds good to me. Hopefully we’ll all get a chance to see this when it comes out. They have a Facebook page where you can follow the film, and a YouTube channel for you to check out.

One more thing I have to say is that I was really impressed with was the poster design. I feel they’re very well put together, the logo looks great, and I really like the use of silhouettes in all of them. I’ll put a few examples below, but you can find more here. Anyhow, here’s the trailer. Enjoy and let us know what you think.

Kaydara 02

Kaydara 09

Kaydara 10

Kaydara 11

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