Ewok Bag by calgarycosplay

The Star Wars nerd in me had to post about this Ewok backpack I spotted on DeviantArt.com. I thought it looked pretty niffty… maybe a little creepy (I think it’s the bugged out eyes), but it’s still niffty. It was created by DA member calgarycosplay. From what I read, it sounds like it’s a one of kind project. So, sorry, I don’t think she’s mass producing these. If I was a little kid though—okay, I know I still act like a little kid, but if I really were one, I think I’d get a kick out of this. She’s got some other nifty and odd stuff in her gallery you should check out (like the German Shepherd hat and PedoBear Hoodie Costume look… interesting(?)). Take a look, I’m sure she would appreciate it.

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