Never Seen Star Wars!?

Never Seen Star Wars!?

My brother went through something like this not too long ago, where he dated a girl for a couple months that had never seen Star Wars. I told him it wasn’t going to work out, but did he listen to me? No. Did he listen to me when I told him not to go for that journalism degree? No. Did he listen to me when I told him not to eat all those bran muffins yesterday… okay, I did that, but it was still a bad idea. It’s kind of strange to me that there really are people in this country that have never seen any of the Star Wars films, especially as popular as they’ve been and that they’ve been around for over thirty years now. Still, there’s a lot of popular movies out there that I haven’t seen. Chick-flicks like Titanic or any of the Twilight movies. I’ve just never had the desire to watch those films. I’m not saying I never will… well the Twilight films I think I could live with out seeing, but I have always been curious to see what Kate Winslet’s boobies look like. So maybe I’ll put Titanic on my Netfilx Queue.

Anyhow, thanks to for sharing this on their blog. It was created by a group called Paperclip Films. You can see more of their work on their Youtube Channel, or follow them on their Facebook page. I’m off to get another bran muffin.

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  1. >”Izzat the one with Jar Jar?”


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