Here’s something kind of neat that Trog and myself stumbled upon tonight. Trog just finished reading the book “Monster”, by A. Lee Martinez.. When he looked on the back he notice a familiar looking illustration on the ad for Martinez’s next book “Divine Misfortune.” So, I grabbed my hat, and we headed down to the bookstore. Yup! I do believe that’s my fist!

Hand O'Power

As a hobby, I’ve been submitting vector uploads to iStock since June of 2007. This hand illustration I originally did back in July of 2007. It was my eleventh iStock upload and it was based off a sketch I did of my own fist. I later included it into another set of hand gestures in the file below.

Hand Gestures by Thirteen-Fifty

Compare the two!



Hand by Thirteen-Fifty (aka Chudd)

My iStock Upload

I think this is awesome! I rarely get to see what happens to my illustrations after I’ve uploaded them to iStock. I do get to see when they sell, just not to who, or what they’re used for. Trog said he liked Martinez’s “Monster,” and thought it was a good read, so he’s going to give “Divine Misfortune” a try. I think I will to. Hey, as long as they keep using my stock illustrations, I guess I can read Martinez’s books. Maybe next time they could come directly to the source though. I’d love the chance to design a cover for a fantasy or sci-fi novel. Just throwing that out there…

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