Lost with Tusken Raiders

Good morning Geeks… or is it? I’ve have another fun day ahead of me of trying to figure out my taxes. I spent all day yesterday sorting my receipts and statements (I’ve just been throwing all that stuff in to a large shoe box all year… probably should’ve been a little more organized). Now I need to go through and figure out what’s a write off and what’s not. Then I have fill out the tax forms. Yay…

I’m just procrastinating right now with this post (I fucking hate doing taxes), so I guess I should get on with the main point of it. Here’s another video Simon Pegg and Nick Frost did while filming Paul. You might remember their Star Wars parody they did not too long ago. Anyhow, check it out and enjoy. I’m off to find another way to procrastinate before I start my taxes. My kitchen is actually a mess right now…

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