Elektra Fan Movie

I’m off to a bad start this morning. I woke up way too late. Now I have to start my work day here in a half hour. I don’t know what the hell is wrong with me that I can’t wake up earlier. I guess I’m just not a morning person. Anyhow, here’s something from a group of people that seem to be able to manage their lives a little better than me (at least enough to be able to make a fan film). Check out the Elektra fan film, called “Elektra (The Hand & The Devil).” I first read about this on Forbidden Planet’s blog the other day. I kept meaning to post about it, but then that’s where half-assed time management skills stepped in and prevented it. Here’s a synopsis I found on their vimeo page for the film:

When crime lord, Kingpin, orders a hit on Daredevil (Adam Shorsten), he sends his two best assassins: Elektra (Kim Santiago) and Bullseye (Damien Colletti). But in a quarrel over who gets to collect and take out the Man without fear, Bullseye ultimately slays Elektra with her own Sai. Now, after a painful resurrection from the mysterious ninja force known as, the Hand, Elektra returns from the grave to finish her mission and KILL Daredevil. -Marvel Comics


Kim Santiago as Elektra
Adam Shorsten as Daredevil
Damien Colletti as Bullseye

Fan Film Directed by Chris R. Notarile for Blinky Productions.

Elektra (The Hand & The Devil): imdb.com/​title/​tt1513070

Like most fan films (or any fan creative project), I don’t like to be too critical. At least they tried to do something creative and entertaining. This one I didn’t think was too bad, though it did feel kind of slow in parts (could’ve done less with the all the Daredevil love stuff…). At least the girl they got for Elektra wasn’t bad looking. Watch the video below and let us know what you think.

Elektra (The Hand & The Devil) Movie from Damien Colletti on Vimeo.

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