A science fiction film about a cute asian girl that likes whiskey, time travels, and has a british accent… I’m in! I want to see more of this. From what I’ve read, Precision was created for a film contest where they only had 48 hours to make it. They also had three restrictions on what they could do:

“With the ‘All the Kings Horses’ team assembled we registered for SCI-FI LONDON 2011. When the challenge weekend arrived I went along to the briefing and pulled out from a hat our three restrictions:

Prop: red or green liquid inside a clear bottle with no label

Title: Precision

Dialogue: It is just a glitch in the time continuum, it will sort itself out in a minute. Just hope it won’t wipe you out in the mean time.”

I’m impressed with what they put together in the amount of time that they had. And I mean it. I would like to see more of this story, and the character Merica Adams. I think the illustrations at the end (one of them is above) really sold me on that. I want to see a live action scene where she confronts a squid in a robot suit. Check out the video below, or visit their site. Let us know what you think. Thanks to for sharing.

PRECISION from Andrew James Sykes on Vimeo.

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