Mortal Kombat Secret Character Tryouts

Mortal Kombat Tryouts

Here’s something from Machinima to go with all the Mortal Kombat stuff I posted about yesterday morning (via Actually, I think this is a great idea that should be included in the games. I’d like to see what Pacman’s special moves are, or have the chance to fight him against Goro. But where the hell were Zeke and Julie from Zombies Ate My Neighbors? That’s like the best all time kick ass video game from the ’90s, and I’d like to see what their fatalities would be. Or Sonic the Hedgehog? Another one I’d like to see. I bet he’d lop a head off with one of his rings… Anyways, check it out below and enjoy.


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  1. Yer goddamn right Arthur wins!

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