Image from the Last Fiesta by Casey Paquet

Okay, I don’t know dick about skating. The few times I’ve stood on a board usually only lasted a few seconds and resulted in a hurt back and wounded pride. As a result, I never really had enough motivation, or coordination, to pursue it as a hobby. However, I love art. I may not be the best artist in the world, or even in this room, but I still love to look at art and make it. I also love it when artist use their skill and apply in ways most others wouldn’t consider. An awesome example of this is The last Fiesta by artist Chris Parks (the kick-ass looking frame was built by Casey Paquet). I’m not going to pretend to know what the artist was going for in making this. Maybe there’s a deeper social metaphor in the images, or a hidden resolution about the meaning of life and the universe that I’ll never get. I don’t know, who the fuck can figure out people, let alone artist. All I really know is that I like it. I like the offbeat sense of humor about it. C’mon it’s Jesus as a Luchadore! Plus, I dig the illustrative style and sense of dimension Parks created by putting it on skate decks. I know a lot of cool art has been done on skate boards before, but there’s something that just seems right with this image, and it’s choice of style, as it plays out across the bottom of several decks.

Recently, on April 9th, this (and several other works by Parks) were shown as the Saint and Sinners art show at Pale Horse Studio in Tampa Bay, Florida (at least I think it was there… ). To bad this already passed …and was about 5,000 miles away. I would have really like to have seen this. Check out the other images below of the Last Fiesta and a quick promotional video made for the solo show.

Now I’m off to finish my painting of Brigham Young and Eli Whitney conquering the bug men of mars, on the back of a shark bitten bogey board.



Drawingmachine by Eske Rex from Core77 on Vimeo.

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