GET IT OUT OF MY BRAIN! Cartoon Theme Songs From the 1980’s That Get Stuck in Your Head

Image from Duck Tales Cartoon Show

I was in the bookstore the other day, researching a project, when I came across a book of collectible toys from the 1980’s. As a kid from the 80’s it was really cool to flip through the pages and see many of the toys I had played with a long time ago (Okay, not THAT long ago… hell, we all remember the ’80’s, right?). So, I got a little nostalgic for the things I had once had but eventually either blew up or fed to the dog. Many a G.I. Joe of mine met his tragic end in the line of fire from my BB gun and I still regret the flaming pile of gooey plastic my 12″ Storm Trooper became. All that is in the past. However, what was really cool was that every time I came across a toy that came from a popular cartoon (which was all of them) I instantly recalled the theme song for that toy. When it was the Transformers I instantly heard the robotic voice singing “Robots in Disguise”. And no matter how obscure the toy or it’s cartoon, I was still able to recall some portion of the shows theme song. There’s no big surprise in this sudden pop-culture recall. After all, those songs were designed to be simple and repetitive so that five to ten year-old’s could keep them bouncing around the brain until they dragged their parents into the nearest toy store.

So, there I was, holding the book open to the page featuring the long forgotten Bionic Six toys, and it slowly came back. The theme song to the Bionic Six cartoon tore it’s way out from under Twenty-three years of molding memories to start playing out in the front of brain. And then it kept playing. In fact, it hasn’t stopped. The bitch is, I didn’t even like that show as a kid and in the twenty-plus years since I last saw it, I haven’t given it one single thought. Holy shit, if it wasn’t for that damn book, I’d gone the rest of my life with out even thinking about the Bionic Six ever again, but there it was, the title song playing over and over again in my foggy brain.

Being the type of guy I am, I can’t help but want to share just a little of this trip down memory lane with the few readers we get here at Atomic Moo. The few title songs that follow may not be the best of the best, or one of your favorites, but after watching, it will be there (in your head) all day tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that! Muhahahaha! I found a lot of the videos over at, which is a great resource for many of the things we enjoyed back int he 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. I think this sort of stuff is really pretty cool and wonder what old “Saturday Morning Cartoon” you all have stuck in your head too. Check out the small collection below and enjoy the hell out of them.

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