Primeday—Star Wars/Rebecca Black Parody

Normally I’m into Asian chicks. This one… not so much. Anyhow, check out this mash-up parody of Rebecca Black’s “Friday” song and Star Wars, called “Primeday”. I’m not really sure who Rebecca Black is, and, sorry to say, I’ve never seen the real video I guess she’s famous for. I have seen a few parodies based on it though. So I’m familiar with the tune, yet I still have no desire to watch the actual video.

Also, it looks like I lose a bit of nerdcred today. I didn’t know “Primeday” was the name of a “real” day in the Star Wars calendar. From what I read, it’s one of the days of the week in the SW Universe. Okay, I love to geek-out and delve into all the nerdy stuff I can get a hold of (part of the reason why I started this blog), but if you’ve memorized the names of the days in the SW universe, I think you’ve gone a little too far (like those poor bastards who learned to speak Klingon). Maybe at that point it’s a good idea to step outside for a little bit. Go for a walk or something. Get away from your expanded universe books and action figures for an hour or two… maybe?

Thanks to Teddie Films for putting this together. They also did another Star Wars parody based on a “Kesha” video you can watch here. You can also follow them on their Facebook page.

What the fuck is a kesha…?

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