Donny and Marie Star Wars

I was just informed that I only have to work half the day. Something about it being Easter Weekend… I dunno, I’ll take it though. So, not knowing what to do with all this extra time, I started browsing my reader and came across this precious nugget from the dark ages—I mean the 70’s (via and Youtube user muller198). I’m not exactly sure what year this came out. Thankfully I don’t remember it, so I must have been pretty young when it did (I was born in ’76). Trog just watched it with me and said there was something very familiar about it. I hope to hell that we didn’t watch this as two very impressionable toddlers and as a result ended up with a life long obsession of Star Wars. Naw… I’m going to say it was the toys that led to that. Yeah, that must have been it…

Here’s one positive thing I will say about this (despite the heavy cringe factor that almost made me throw my mac out the window), Marie made for one hot Princess Leia. Just throwing that out there. Deal with it! I wouldn’t mind seeing her in metal bikini at that age.

Well, I better find something productive to do with this spare time I’ve been given. Enjoy the video below, and remember: YOU WATCH THIS AT YOUR OWN FREE WILL! We’re not to blame if you end up stabbing your eyes out afterward. You’ve been warned.

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