Awesome Voltron Illustration! …and other ramblings.


My head really hurts, and I’m pretty much done with work today, so I thought I would take a break and post about this awesome looking Voltron illustration I saw over on Looks like it was created by Jayson Weidel. I’m guessing he’s a professional illustrator. I love the simplicity and the color scheme of this. I’m really hoping he does another one in the same style but featuring the lions. He’s got more great work on his blog,, and you should definitely check it out if you get a chance.

Planet-Pulp Header

So, while I’m writing this—and putting off other things I should be working on—I should say that Planet-Pulp is quickly becoming one of my favorite blogs to visit. It’s full of great art work, and I really love their kick ass looking header. It’s has an awesome classic retro look of the old silver age comics. Also I really like the mock Comic Code Authority they added in the upper left corner. For a while now I’ve been wanting to redesign the look of Atomic Moo (I like the logo I came up with, but the background and header could use to be re-worked). I don’t want to rip off their design, but I definitely want to come up with something that has the same kind of retro/sci-fi/comic book feel. As soon as I get my personal portfolio site done with (which I keep putting off…), I think that will by my next project. I’ll even set aside the Ed Wood Cut-Out Mask I was working on until both sites are done.

I did however finish the Lemon/Zombie shirt design Chris and I were talking about a few days ago (I don’t know who follows the comments on this site, but you can read about it here). I put the design up on Zazzle last night and ordered one of the shirts today to see what it’ll look like. I’m a little skeptical about digital printing, but, if it looks okay, I might ad a link to the shop on here and see if we can’t turn it in to something. Here’s an image of the design below:

Zombies and Lemons

Here’s what the shirt is suppose to look like:

and the front…

Well I guess I’ve been rambling on enough. I should go find something productive to do (like work on my portfolio site…). Let me know what you think about the shirt design, or any of the other stuff I’ve babbled about in this post. Later!



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  1. No Sven, no service.

  2. Bitchin’ shirt, though.

  3. Who the hell was Sven? Wait, was he the Italian speaking black ranger?

  4. Sven was one of the ORIGINAL Voltron Lion pilots. He was struck down by Haggar, the bad guy’s right hand. The original has him dying, but the US version has him ‘injured’, leaving a goddamn member of the royal goddamn family to take his place in combat.

    Bitches don’t know about my Sven.

  5. I was right! He was the one with the Italian (okay… it may have been Scottish) accent and drove the black lion (he was their black ranger). Then they all went and fought against Mumm-ra. See, I know my shit.

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