Ms. Marvel's Day Off

Here’s something kind of neat that I found earlier this morning (via It’s a video of the Avenger’s Ms. Marvel taking a day off, shot on 8mm film. Why would she still be in costume? Maybe the Avengers don’t pay enough for her to buy normal clothes? I dunno… she looks good though, and I shouldn’t over think it. The video was made by Avengers Assemble the Web Series. Up until this morning I had never heard about this, so I watched a couple of their videos before I got ready for the day. Their pretty funny, and worth a look. You can check them out on either their website or their Youtube channel. You can also follow them on Facebook or Twitter (never been much for Twitter myself, but I guess some people like it).

Awe, what the hell? Here’s one of the videos I watched this morning so you can get a better idea of what this group is about.

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