Miss Selina Kyle by yayacosplay

It looks like the Atomic herd is starting to grow. I just check my Analytics account and it said we we’re up 72.32% (from what and when I have no idea…), and that we’re averaging 127 visits a day now. Cool! Also 31 people have hit that “like” button on Facebook (thanks people!), and we’ve even added a third contributor (Chris, a.k.a Erik the Odd; he’ll be reviewing some movies for us). Hopefully we can keep things interesting here, and keep all of you coming back.

Well I guess I should stop rambling and get on with the post, since I have to start my work day soon. I saw this great looking Catwoman cosplay last night on DeviantArt.com. It’s by another one of my favorite cosplayers on that site, Yayacosplay, or Yaya Han I believe is her real name. Here’s what she had to say about it:

“This costume is based on the Adam Hughes covers for the Catwoman comics. Selina is such a iconic character and he captured her so well that I wanted to pay tribute.

I started with a base black latex suit and made the gloves with the claws, hood with the catears, and goggles. I tried to find as accurate as boots as I could, and ordered a leather whip as well.

In the future I definitely would like to do a rooftop shoot with this costume, gosh the possibilities are near endless!”

Let us all pray that she’ll get the chance to do that rooftop photo shoot. Hell, I’m an atheist and I’ll still get on my knees for that. Anyhow, check out the image above or go to her DA gallery. She’s also has a website for you to visit. Dang, I begrudgingly have to begin my work day now. Later!


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