Real Life Super Mario Bros

When I first started watching this (via… who got it via… who got it via (Never heard of that one until now… I’ll have to check it out later)), I thought “meh…”. Then he whipped out the 9mm and made things a lot more interesting. As I’ve said before, I was more of a Sega kid, and didn’t have a Nintendo, or Super Nintendo, growing up. However, I have had a few chances to play Super Mario Bros over the years. Still, at what point did Mario started going postal in the original game? My memory may be a little foggy there… I dunno. If it wasn’t in the game though, this just proves a point I’ve always said: guns make everything more interesting! That’s just my humble opinion as both a blogger and gun owner. Looks like it was created by Andrew McMurry, and starring his brother Seth. Here’s what he has to say about it:

Share it with your friends! Mario in real life. This is my 2nd time using 3D so, yet again, it’s not perfect.
My brother, Seth McMurry, acts in this one. Programs used: After Effects, C4D, PFtrack.



Check out the video below and let us know what you think. I’m off to the range.

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