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Holy awesome wow! Mondo has just put out two amazing, Trek, posters. Normally, I wouldn’t fork out cash for anything (not because I’m cheap, but because I’m broke …and cheap…) but I’m seriously thinking about prying open my mildewing wallet and handing over the few stale bills inside to Mondo for these freak’n (why the fuck did I type freak’n?) amazing posters. I’m not even that big of a trek fan, but holy bearded Spock Batman, these look cool! Dare I say even Trektacular?

Print art work for sale by Mondotees.com

Print art for sale at Mondotees.com

The art and style of each print is amazing, and how hot does Uhura look? Seriously, if there is any cute chicks who do Mirror-Mirror Trek cosplay, I seriously want to meet you. Not for anything creepy or weird, just for lots of sex, that’s all.

The Print art was created by artist Tomer Hanuka (Mirror-Mirror) and Mike Saputo (The Menagerie). I think these prints are limited editions and went on sale yesterday for $45 dollars each, so if you want one then you better get over to Mondo quick.

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