The Doubleclicks BSG Cover

Well, I didn’t get a damn thing completed this weekend I was hoping to. I’ve spent most of it going through the last three years worth of work and trying to decide what to use for my portfolio. I also spent a good amount of time today laying down with a heating pad on my neck. I guess falling asleep on the couch last night watching Son of Frankenstein was a bad idea. Anyhow, I thought I would try to relax a little before bed and browse around on Facebook (actually I’m just waiting for the excedrin pm to kick in… neck is still killing me), where I came across this video from a couple of our favorite musical nerd girls, The Doubleclicks. It’s the main opening title song to Battlestar Galactica (the newer one). It’s kinda neat to see how they put it all together, and the different instruments and tools they use. Wow… I’m starting to feel a little fuzzy now, so I think I’ll close this one. Check out their video below and enjoy.

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