I just watched this a moment ago, so I thought I would do a quick post before bed. I’m not really that tired anyways. This is another parody from the Screen Team. You probably already know who they are by now, but if not then your a disgusting recluse that probably only uses the internet for porn and World of Warcraft (like Trog). The Screen Team are a couple of geeks, Chad and the gorgeous Angie (how the hell did he find a chick that looks that friggen hot, and where can I find one with out having to lie about my income, appearance, weight, religious beliefs, and wanting kids?) that do parody videos to popular songs. I did a post back in… well, a while back, of a Transformers parody they did to a Black Eyed Peas song. Their new Thor one is based on an Usher song… which one was Usher? I dunno…


Gawddamn she’s hot!

Anyhow, I’m getting distracted here… better close this post so I can go take a cold shower. Watch it below and enjoy. They also have a Youtube channel and a website for you to check out. I’m off. Good night!


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