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I thought take a moment after work to relax and post about three great looking pieces of geek art that I saw on I was on there earlier at lunch browsing around—you know, for crudely drawn chicks with outrageously large breasts (seriously, kids are getting really fucking weird these days). Check out these illustrations below, and let us know what you think.

The Unlikely Jedi

Unlikely Jedi

Here’s one by Adam Limbert, titled “The Unlikely Jedi.” I just did a post not too long ago about some great looking TMNT illustrations he did for Looks like this one was also done for this month’s PlanetPulp theme of Star Wars. This guy is quickly becoming one of my favorite illustrators. I never really even liked the Ewoks all that much, but if I could get I print of this I would… that is of course if I had any money.


Sirens by Kuroi-Tsuki

This one is from Kuroi Tsuki, an illustrator from Canada, titled “Sirens.” I don’t think I’ve ever come across his work before, but he did a great job drawing up some of Batman’s sexier villains. I’ll have to check out more of his gallery later.

One Red Button

One Red Button

Here’s one from Pacalin. She does a lot of really great poster design, and I’ve been following her work since we did a post on her back in December. This one is titled “One Red Button.” It kind of makes me a little nostalgic for playing arcade games when I was a kid. Check out her gallery here.

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  1. That ‘One Red Button’ should be a 28×40 poster.

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