Minimalist Posters for Hobbit and LOTR

Okay, I finished work then fought my way through traffic to get home. I got a little exercise, took a long shower, and made some dinner. Now feeling clean, refreshed, and content with many a pork chop burbling away in my belly, I sit in front of my computer ready to blog. Let’s do this.

There’s a lot of stuff out there tonight, but one of the best things I found was a set of four minimalistic posters featured over at Check out these four posters of J.R.R. Tolkens The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and Hobbit books. The posters were designed by Adam James and can be found on his blog, I really like the art for the Hobbit, and Return of the King posters, but I kind of think this artist took the work for Fellowship of the Ring a little too minimalistic. At first I thought they were spoons and then spent a full five minute trying to figure out what the hell silverware had to do with ditching the Shire. Eventually I got what the image represents, but I also thought that if I had to flee my home land because some dark hooded douche bags were trying to run me down with their devil horses (all because I had a nifty bit of magic bling), I could see grabbing up a few odd things on my hasty retreat out the door. Even a hand full of spoons for all those late night bean eating sessions with the elves. Check out all four posters below.


Minimalist LOTR Posters from Jamesy

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  1. Hey thanks!

    These are mine!

    They are going to be made available to purchase soon from

  2. Awesome! Let us know if you do more great work like these.

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