1971 Star Trek Fan Film

Here’s something I came across this morning on my reader (via Boingboing.net). It’s a student project made by Ray Glasser, for a class at Ohio State University back in 1971. Here’s a quick description he gives about it on Youtube:

This video was a final exam in a TV production class that I took at Ohio State back in the spring of 1971. Even as a lad of 21, I always had to have everything preserved!! I had this taped on 1″ open-reel videotape, then transferred it to U-Matic and then to Beta. (I got an A-.)

It’s bad, but in a fun good way. It doesn’t make you cringe like the Donny and Marie Star Wars Special did. It is really neat to see Trek fan creative stuff from way back. Check it out below and let us know what you think.

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