X-Men: First Class Clip

Poster Image for X-Men First Class

Hello again! Here’s a new slice’o’film from the upcoming X-Men: First Class flick coming out in June. Seeing this clip got me to thinking about that old question; “If you could have any super power, what would you choose?” I never had an answer for that one. It seems like everyone wants flight, or super strength, or x-ray vision, but for me to answer that question like that seems disingenuous. As if I would be perceived to be in a hurry to come up with a quick answer and so picked the easiest one off the top of my head. Flight? No way, I’m scared of heights. Super Strength, maybe. But I know me and if I had super-strength that just means I’m becoming a super-villain and I don’t think I could handle that sort of pressure. I’d like to be a little more original in my pretend super power, but I still can’t come up with one. Closest I’ve come is that sometimes I think it would be really cool to get the traffic light to turn from red to green at will. Not to actually control electronics, but just traffic lights. I don’t know, I still think I can do better. Anyways, check out the clip, and if you’ve got a great idea for a super power that’s unique, or at least off the beaten path, let me know about it in the comments section.


Also, here’s a trailer for the film, X-Men: First Class comes out on June 3rd.

Official Trailer

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  1. Erik the Odd

    05/12/2011 at 7:58 am

    >Covert paramilitary action
    >Neon-colored jumpsuits

    *shakes head*

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