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This last week I had to give up playing World of Warcraft. Not that I don’t like the game, but because Chudd and I are beginning a complete site redesign for Atomic Moo and I also want to focus more on expanding my tiny, illustration portfolio.The thing is, quitting is a bitch. I never thought I was all that addicted to the game, but it has taken a serious amount of willpower not to log on and play again. So, I’m set in my resolve to not game for the next few months then this hits:

Promo image from SWTOR MMORPG for Sith Inquisitor Character Class

Those few people out there who know me already know I’m a huge Star Wars geek, and that I’ve been looking forward to playing the upcoming Star Wars: The Old Republic MMORPG. For a long time now I’ve wished there was a WoW quality Star Wars game and I’m hoping (despite rumors otherwise…) that the producers of ST: TOR can make this happen. They just released a promotional video introducing the new Sith Inquisitor character class. Here’s a brief description:

Inquisitors, the dark geniuses of the Empire, are masters of treachery and dark Force power. Feared as much on the battlefield as they are by prisoners and political enemies, they will stop at nothing to earn themselves more power. The paths to power are many, though. Is your Inquisitor an Assassin, striking down enemies from the shadows with cunning tactics and a skilled blade? Or are you a Sorcerer, a triumph of the dark side, smoldering with ambition and uncovering dark secrets of the Force to destroy your enemies?

Right now, for me to read and watch all this, is kind of like dropping chum into shark infested water. Or better yet, it’s like being a fat kid trapped in a Hostess shop, I feel like I’m on the verge of an uncontrollable feeding frenzy. This looks really fucking good, makes me want to log onto a game (any game! even D&D, how bad is this going to get?) and lose myself in sweet digital distraction. “I won’t play”, is what I keep telling myself. I’ve got goals that are very important to me and gaming, right now, just gets in the way. ARRRGH!

So, that’s my rant. Check out the promo video below, and I’m very curious to know if any one else is going through or has gone through WoW withdrawal. Let me know via our page on Facebook, or the comments section below. Though I couldn’t find an official release date for the game, I did read some reports that SW: TOR is due to be out by the fall. It’s okay, I can wait, I can wait, I can wait…

Enjoy the video.

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  1. Erik the Odd

    05/14/2011 at 9:00 am

    >Star Wars

    Okay. *nod*


    Meh. *yawn*



    Seriously, have you ever played the Mass Effect series? Part three is in the works!

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