Have you ever had an idea that you were excited about, but had no time or money to implement it? That’s kind of what we’re going through with Atomic Moo right now. It seems like every night Trog and I talk about what we would like do with this site, how we would like to improve it, and what we want Atomic Moo to be known for.

As for that last one, we have said to each other many times that we want Atomic Moo to be known for its original content, both as far as what we post on the blog, and other content we would like to feature on the site (like the downloads for example). Unfortunately we come into the problem of not enough time and very little money. We both work full-time jobs, and neither of us really have the funds to invest in Atomic Moo at this time.

Raven Wallpaper by Jason Murray

We want to do more stuff like this!

We’ve both decided to make more of an effort to get better original content on the site. That’s doesn’t mean we’re going to stop with the regurges (stuff we find on our readers or other sites)—For one thing there’s a ton of interesting stuff buzzing around the web that we want to share on Atomic Moo, and sometimes that’s all we have time for. It just means we’re going to work a little harder to offer more original posts and content, and try to lose some of the distractions in our lives (Trog is going to stop playing WoW for awhile, and I’m going stop trolling Deviant Art for free porn). Recently one of our friends, Chris (a.k.a. Erik The Odd), has agreed to help us out with some movie reviews, and he has shown some interest in doing reviews on video games and music as well. So hopefully between all of our efforts we can start getting better content on here to really make this site kick ass and draw in the visitors.


Nerd Rage Concept

Erik The Odd: He's answered the call and ready for action!


To help us out with the funding of Atomic Moo, we’ve decided to try a couple affiliate programs. Before we’d had signed up with Amazon’s affiliate program, but we didn’t do much with it, other than slap an ad in the side column. Now we’re making a stronger effort to learn what we can do with this, and how we can see some success through the program. We’ve also recently signed up with Entertainment Earth’s affiliate program, and you might have noticed the ads on the side of the site. We feel this is more geek related and inline with the subject matter of our site.

This doesn’t mean that every post we do will be an ad for something on Amazon or Entertainment Earth. However, if we do come across something that we do find genuinely cool and interesting (like this…) we will post about it.

This is not a get rich quick scheme, and I understand that for this to work we’re going to need a lot of traffic, and right now we’re a very small site. So, again we’re going to work hard to provide original content to make things interesting here to keep you coming back. Hopefully you’ll like us enough to spread the word. We would like see more feedback and comments on the posts, and other content, we publish, and build a friendly community on the site.

If you like what we’re doing, or if you see some potential in us, and want to support the site, then please use our affiliate links when you shop online. It doesn’t cost you anything extra than what you would normally pay, but we’ll get a little commission off the purchase that we’ll throw into the Atomic Moo piggy bank, and hopefully earn enough to get this site rocking.

Thanks for your time in reading this, and hopefully you’ll come back to visit us often.

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