Illustration art from "The Guild" by Felicia Day

The Guild

Like I said in an earlier post; this week I’ve quit playing WoW so that I could focus more on Atomic Moo. As part of this goal I want to start a weekly review of comics and trade paperback books. So today, instead of logging on and leveling my hunter, I went to our local book store and got a copy of The Guild. A graphic novel about playing a fantasy MMORP… damn.

The Guild, written by Felicia Day and illustrated by Jim Rugg, is a prequel story to the popular web series about gamers. It uses a clean illustrative style to tell us how Cyd Sherman (Felicia Day’s character in the Web series) becomes a gamer and meets her slightly odd online friends. Through playing the game Sherman learns how to some what deal with her real life problems (depression, low self-esteem, a douche bag boy friend…) and become a happier person.

Cyd Sherman from The Guild

Cyd Sherman

The book was extremely well written and illustrated and as a WoW gamer I especially enjoyed the many throw backs to multi-player online fantasy games. Cyds introduction to her game reminded me a lot of when I first started WoW. Like Cyd, I just sort of jumped into the game and had to learn everything through quests and interaction with other players. The Guild does a great job of showing how hard it is to learn game speech, while trying to explain the game in real life terms to non-gamers. I also enjoyed Cyds affinity for groups while playing.  As Cyd enters the game she starts making friends and inviting them to join her on quests and tournaments. Again, this relates to another aspect of WoW I’ve always enjoyed, which is guilds, raids, and PvP. All of which have a group or social aspect to them.


I fully recommend this story. It’s fun, quirky, and full of chuckle/snort worthy humor. If you’ve never played an MMORPG then this book will help you understand the genre a little more, and if you’re a regular player, you’ll love all the inside jokes. I already had a crush for Felicia day, but after reading The Guild, I’m in full on nerd love with this girl. She will be mine… oh, yes, she will be mine…


Felicia Day

So cute it makes the brain hurt...

The Guild is published by Dark Horse Comics and can be found on or your local book retailer. It’s a great introduction to the Web series and the talented Mrs. Felicia Day. You can also watch past seasons of the guild on their official site

Night folks!

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