Atomic Moo Stencils

Hey El Moochadors! I’m just about finished with my portfolio site—it will never really be finished, but I like it well enough now to move on to other projects. Tomorrow I would like to start the process of re-working Atomic Moo to give it a cleaner look.

When we started this we just grabbed a free theme, slapped a menu bar in it, and threw in a background (which I’ve never been that happy with, just too lazy to change). So before I do this, I was wonder if any of you have some ideas or suggestion of how we can make the site better, or what we could improve on ? Let us know if there’s something you’d like to see on the site that we don’t currently have? Any comment, suggestion, or idea (praise maybe?) is more than welcomed.

We appreciate you all for visiting the site, and especially those who have liked us on Facebook. Hopefully we can keep trying to build Atomic Moo into something great, and keep you all coming back. Thanks!

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