Damn, there are some smart geeks out there. I don’t know, maybe I’m either just too lazy or too massively dumb, but there is no fucking way I would have ever found this image. Here’s what happened: This morning a seriously dedicated fan took a look at the official Dark Knight Rises web site and saw what the rest of us saw; nothing. Just a big black nothing with a strange noise playing in the background. However, this ingenious geek took the audio of that nothing (a sort of weird chanting) and checked out the visual spectrum of that sound where he (or she …totally could’ve been a chick for all I know) found a Twitter Hash tag.

Twitter hash tag for Dark Knight Rises

When he(she) twated this hash tag it showed an image of Tom Hardy as Bane. Golly, I wish I had a fully functioning brain so as to figure stuff like this out too. Anyways, check out the full image below.


Tom Hard as Bane

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