Here’s something I came across in my reader last night (via One of my first jobs as a graphic designer was for a small screen printing and embroidery shop located in northern Utah. It seemed like more than a couple times when I had to draw a female figure, my boss would grab a book full of Nagel illustrations from the shelf behind me, drop it down on my desk, and start flipping through all the pages that he seemed way too familiar with. Up until then I had seen the style of art (usually sun bleached posters that sat in the windows of hair or nail salons…), but I didn’t know the name of the artist. Did you know he was a Vietnam vet? I don’t know why that nugget of information has stuck with me these last few years. It’s almost been four years since I’ve left that job and moved back to California, but the knowledge that Nagel was a vet seems like the only information I walked away with from there (that and watch out for dot-gain when screen printing).

Anyhow, this online site called Might Fine has come up with some nifty looking shirts featuring the girls from the X-Men in the Nagel 80’s style (Yay! Mohawk Storm!). Where’s Dazzler though? Or was she more 70s? I dunno. I’ll post images of the other shirts below. Enjoy!


 Shadow Cat


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