Chewy Snowspeeder plank

So… recently I saw this Youtube video about this latest thing people are doing called “planking.” Basically, you lie face down, arms at your side, like a plank of wood. I thought it was funny when I watched it because earlier that day I saw a couple of my neighbors “planking” outside. One was in a wheel chair (I think he’s crippled… ’cause I’ve never seen him out of it…), while the other one “planked” off of its arm rests. I don’t really know these guys, and thought it was pretty odd at the time. When I’ve heard them speak, they sounded like they have a heavy accent (maybe eastern European or Russian… I dunno), so I kind of figured it was something weird foreigners do. So, I saw the video later on in the evening, and it kind of made sense to me… kind of. I still don’t really get the point of it, other than something to throw on your Facebook page (“hey, I planked off a baby today!”).

An idea popped in to my head though. I’m sure as hell not willing to do it, but what about my vintage Chewbacca action figure that sits on my desk? I’m sure he’d be up to it. Besides, it would a great excuse to use my digital camera, and get outside… take some photos… go for a walk… play with some toys. It all sounds good. Anyhow, here’s what I came up with. On many of these it just looks like he’s humping the object. Still, what do you expect from a Wookie? Check out the gallery below and let me know what you think. I have some more ideas for these and wouldn’t mind getting some feed back.

By the way, I’ve heard some people are doing some really stupid shit with planking, like trying it off of railroad tracks. For Flying Spaghetti Monster’s sake people, use some common sense! Play safe… that’s all I wanted to say. Wow, I think this wine is starting to kick in. I should go to bed here soon.

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