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Cover for Chew: Tasters Choice

Chew, Taster’s Choice

As a chubby, food hoarking, dude I could not imagine having a worst power than Tony Chu’s. If Tony eats something he gets a sudden psychic impression of that food’s history and all the people who have ever come in contact with it. This makes Tony one hell of a good FDA agent, but like it says on the back of the book “as long as he doesn’t mind nibbling on a copse of a murder victim to figure out whodunit, and why.” Welcome to Chew, Taster’s Choice. Created by John Layman and Rob Guillory, and published by Image, this graphic novel is a collection of the first few issues of the series and introduces Chu and his ultra-weird ability.

Chew is already a very popular comic book but this was my first time reading it and I loved every page, even the ones with copious amounts of chunky green vomit. I’m not even a “gross out” kind of guy but I really enjoyed every time Tony had to eat a rotting body part or torrents of vomit gushed across the panels. Not because it was gross but because it was all part of an incredibly enjoyable story. In Taster’s Choice, Tony becomes an agent for the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), which has now become the country’s most powerful agency since a strict poultry prohibition was created to fight bird-flu. In the agency he works closely with Mason Savoy, an experienced agent who is also a Cibopath (food psychic).

Mason Savoy

Mason Savoy

Tony also quickly falls in love with a food critic, Amelia Mintz, who is a Saboscrunera and can “write about food so accurately people get the actual sensation of taste.” It’s the great art of Guillory and clever writing of Layman that makes these characters interesting. Guillory’s art is unique and explosive. Each panel (even the ones where Tony was just sitting doing paper work) seemed alive and full of energy. While the writing created situations, characters, and interactions that had me laughing out loud in the comic shop. And I never laugh out loud. Honest, I’m a silent chuckle kind of guy. But seeing a love struck Tony Chu get caked in vomit was enough to get me to snort out loud. Though Chew may become a television series, I would much rather see an animation adaptation done in this illustration style. Seriously Showtime, screw the live action stuff and give us a funny adult animation series about a guy who has to eat rotting fingers to solve a missing persons case.

Chew Panel

Is that a Frito in there?

Okay, so in my last Moo reviews I gave mostly positive reviews, and even I feel that I could be a little bit more critical about the books I wanted to review, but in the case of Chew no fucking way. This book is awesome. If I had one of those lame rating systems to use then I’d give it five stars, A+, or Nine Yak scrotum. Whatever the best rating maybe Chew definitely earns it. Chew, Taster’s Choice is one that you will read multiple times and I highly recommend you go get a copy ASAP.
One last thing about Chew, or any other graphic novel, if this does peak your interest and you want to read a copy, please go try and find a copy at your local comic store. I started these reviews as a way to promote our sales through Amazon, which would help Atomic Moo a lot too, but I want to encourage everyone to first visit a comic shop nearest you, and if you can’t find it there, then come back here and use our links and banners to find the graphic novel you want (at no extra cost to you!!!). From way back when in my life going to the comic shop was always a special experience and I really don’t want to take that away from anyone. Unless of course sitting behind the shop’s counter there is a drooling sociopath with one hand gripping an axe and the other hand firmly lodged down his pants (Outside of Utah, this shouldn’t be a problem). In that case please just use the Amazon links here and be safer for it.
Good night.


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  1. Erik the Odd

    05/29/2011 at 10:29 am


    What with the huh, now, again?

    I got ahold of Chew’s fist issue at the Free Comic Book Day here in Hemet. Also, I got a Groo trade for a fair price. You’re spot-on about the energy level in Chew’s panels, the artists do everything right.

    On a related note, I forgot how much I love Groo, the Wanderer.


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