Lego Fan Creates 250,000-Brick “Garrison of Moriah”

Photo of Gerry Burrows and his Lego Construction

Gerry Burrows

Umm… wow! This is why being a fan is so damn cool, check out what extreme Lego fan Gerry Burrows made in his Lego Room. Actually, I’m kinda impressed the guy even has a “Lego Room” to begin with. How cool would that be? Anyways, according to information I got from Wired Magazine’s blog, Underwire, Burrows had been a life long fan of Legos and soon after graduating college and getting his own home he began working on this massive, 28 foot long, Lego sculpture of the Garrison of Moriah that occupies 1/3 of  the room. About 250,000 Lego bricks went into sculpture and apparently Burrows didn’t use any pre-planned designs or computers to help. “Nothing ever touched paper or computer. But as I would start to build and focus on individual structures, I would spend time thinking of the specific structures’ design. As I built I would get inspiration on cool directions to take,” Burrows said. Burrows is still building the garrison and expand it further.

If you want to see more click the link and check out more amazing images of the Garrison at the Wired gallery.



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