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I’m a True Blood fan and I dig the shows grim sense of humor. So, yeah I think it’s cool that HBO just released 3 minutes of episode one for the fourth season. However, what I don’t think is cool, is getting a chance to watch season 3 until just recently. It seems like the good people handling the HBO distribution have an massive stick up their ass about releasing their shows before a DVD is published and sold. Not that they couldn’t show the films on iTunes as the episodes premiere and make just as much money as they would on a DVD release, but that I guess that would be too easy for the fans of their shows. Oh fuck it, I’m no good at the sarcasm and wit bullshit so here it is, go suck a donkey dick HBO, ya’rotten selfish rat-bastards. And would it kill you soulless dick weasels to put a fuck’n “play all” feature on your DVD menus? Jump’n Jesus on a pogo stick fellers, you’re fuck’n up all over the place! Whew! I feel a lot better now. Get them demons out, right? Anyways, check out the first 3 minutes of season four and if you give a chance give HBO a good old cussing when you get the chance.


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