Centauri and His Car

Okay, I just finished up the last post, and sharing it on Atomic Moo’s Facebook wall, when I decided to check out my own Facebook page and see what was going on in the world. A while back, we did a post about Kat Martin, an artist from Salt Lake City who takes old paintings and geeks them out. Well, we’ve been stalking following her on facebook since then, and she just posted this awesome looking Last Starfighter piece. Looks like Centauri is a little lost (I can’t remember if the car had a name or not…). I haven’t thought of this movie in a long time, now I’m kind of in the mood to watch it again. Anyways, Kat did a great job on it, and we look forward to seeing more from her. Check out more of Kat’s work on her website, or on her etsy store. Alright, I gotta find something productive to do now.

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