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Female Armor Sucks-CollegeHumor

Female Armor Sucks

Heh… this is pretty funny. Check out this new video from This reminds me of an illustration by Dean Yeagle I saw years back in an issue of Playboy. Sorry, I can’t remember what issue (WARNING: the image is sorta NSFW… so take a look at it after the jump).

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Star Wars Dogs…

Star Wars Dogs


NSFW My Little Pony Song


I thought I would do a quick post of something I just saw on my rss reader before I go to bed (via Well, if this is what My Little Pony is actually like, then I feel sorry for making fun of Bronies… I guess I’ve been missing out. Anyhow, if yer one of those sensitive types that don’t like bad language (I don’t know what the fuck you’re doing on this site then…), then this is not for you. You’ve been warned. For the rest of you foul mouth bastards, like myself, enjoy!

What Keeps America Fat…

Ola Elmoochadores! Like many of my fellow geeks, I’ve been fighting the battle of the bulge for many years now. This last year has been a little better though and I’ve managed to drop a few pounds, but it hasn’t always been that way. My favorite Sunday activity use to involve my reading a stack of new comics while hoarking as much “McGoodness” as I could shove into my face at one time. Not to mentions the amazing combination of Halo, Dr. Pepper, and McNuggets at 2:00am. When I found this Infographic on I thought several of my brethren in the nerd/geek community might also find it interesting. So take a break from that Filet-O-Fish and give it a look, then let us know what you thought about it.

Italian At The Moutains of Madness Animated Short

Italian At the Mountains of Madness

Check out this neat Italian fan animation of H.P. Lovecraft’s classic story, At The Mountains of Madness. I came across this earlier on my reader (via, and unfortunately I haven’t had a chance to watch it all the way through… ’cause it’s 30 minutes long and I’ve got stuffs to do this morning. I have watched half of it though, and plan to watch the rest later. It is crudely drawn, but still pretty impressive with what they, Cthulhu Films, put together (I’ve gotta wonder if they drew up the six foot tall blind albino penguins…). Also equally impressive is their website; they have more stuff to watch (and even some games it looks like) for you to see there. I just browsed it long enough to watch an animated short called “A Lovecraft Dream” which was… interesting(?)… not sure what’s the right word for it. Check it out and see for yourself.

Awesome Star Wars/ LoTR Mash-Up Fan Art

Pass You Shall Not

Check out these nifty Star Wars/ Lord of the Rings illustrations by member Ferret42. My favorite has gotta be the Witch King on the speeder bike (below), with the Eye of Sauron in the Death Star above him… pretty neat! The one below that of Boba Fett hauling Frodo into Mordor looks awesome, but I can’t help thinking that later on Boba is going to get knocked into the fires of Mt. Doom by a blind and confused Samwise Gamgee.

Speedking of Angmar

Simply walk into Mordor

Pixar’s Brave, Teaser Trailer

Good evening, Elmoochadores! Pixar recently released a teaser trailer for their newest film, Brave. Here’s the synopsis,

Brave is set in the mystical Scottish Highlands, where Merida is the princess of a kingdom ruled by King Fergus (Connolly) and Queen Elinor (Thompson). An unruly daughter and an accomplished archer, Merida one day defies a sacred custom of the land and inadvertently brings turmoil to the kingdom. In an attempt to set things right, Merida seeks out an eccentric old Wise Woman (Walters) and is granted an ill-fated wish. Also figuring into Merida’s quest — and serving as comic relief — are the kingdom’s three lords: the enormous Lord MacGuffin (McKidd), the surly Lord Macintosh (Ferguson), and the disagreeable Lord Dingwall (Coltrane).

After watching this teaser I can already tell that I’m going to like this flick. Which is unusual, because I have a deep fear of both red-heads and bears. huh… Anyways, check out the teaser trailer below and let us know what you thought.


Nifty Batgirl Fan Film

Batgirl Fan Film

Good morning El Moochadors. I hope you all had a great weekend. Last night, while I was trying to relax and settle down before bed, I came across this nifty Batgirl fan film on Youtube. It’s created by Breathe Again Entertainment, where they got some other neat projects for you to check out (like the X-23 fan films). Anyhow, I wish I could say more about this project, but I really didn’t get much further than 1:30 in to the film…


Hey, it was late… no one else was around… what’dya think I guy like me was gonna do? Don’t judge! Anyhow, I need to finish watching this later. Check it out below, or go to their YouTube Channel. I’ve got some socks to wash…

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon: Panthro’s Thundercats Song

Panthro's Thundercats Song

I’m waiting for my brother, Trog, to finish putting together a project we’ve been working on, so I thought I would browse through my reader… and I came across this gem. It almost makes me wish I had cable again… almost. Kind of an obscure reference to pop up on late night television, but still pretty cool that they did this. Check it out below.

Vibrations, See the Unseen

Afternoon Elmoochadores, and I hope your having a great day. What follows is a few videos put out by Fluke, an international manufacture and distributor of electronic test tools. They teamed up with an outfit called Propadata Films to produce a series of HD promotional videos to show what vibrations look like at 1000 frames per second.

Fluke and Propadata Films teamed up to explore the world of vibrations—the world of unseen movement—through high-speed videography. Employing the use of a Phantom HD Gold camera, we were able to film a variety of materials and activities at the astounding rate of 1,000 frames per second. What resulted is an amazing short film of movement in slow motion, highlighting the effects of vibration normally invisible to the naked eye. If you haven’t already viewed the “Vibrations” video, we invite you to do so.

I first came across these amazing videos over at Laughing Squid and couldn’t wait to get them on Atomic Moo. Especially the puppy shaking the water off. Maybe I’m just a big old softy, but c’mon! You’d have to have a heart made of cold cast iron not to find that one adorable. Anyways, check them out and let us know what you think. Click on the Fluke link above to see more amazing videos.


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