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So, the little dude weighs maybe a buck-twenty, then they take him into a lab chuck full of 1940’s science and bounce a little radiation off his insides (for best results use gamma!), then moments later he steps off the gurney looking like he could QB for the Patriots. Fuck you 24 hour fitness! Why don’t we have this in real life yet? I mean, yeah, sure they’d be shooting radiation at my brain and testicles, but if it kept me from having to actually go to the gym and pay a monthly fee, then give me a dotted line to sign on and some lead dipped Y-fronts! Though it does kind of make me think that young Steve Rogers there didn’t step down ripped with muscle, but in fact had a series of massive tumors growing under his skin that just coincidentally looked like he’d been modeling underwear all his life. Anyways, Check out these two new T.V. spots for Captain America which I found over on Geek Tyrant. Both have never before seen footage, and I’ve got to admit, that out of all the comic based movies coming out this summer, this one looks pretty damn good. It also premiers July 22nd, which is also the same week as the San Diego Comic-Con! Holy nerdgasm Batman! That is going to be such an awesome week! Check out the new trailers below.


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  1. Erik the Odd

    06/02/2011 at 4:23 am

    >The women of America owe you their thanks.

    Is it me, or did she seem to be talking to the actor?

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