Image of Jet Pack made by Martin Aircraft Co.

When I was very young my family had a set of old educational books made for children. These things were made back in the 1950’s and I remember one book had a small section predicting “The Future”, where it whisked the reader away to the far off year of 1987 and predicted a Jetsons like world. A future where kids attend school through their television sets and computers the size of skyscrapers controlled our cities. Though the thing that really caught my seven year-old attention was a single sentence and water-color illustration that promised that when this future arrived that we would all be flying around on our own shiny jet packs. Now, as a kid, when I read this I thought, “holy shit! That sounds fucking awesome!” (I cussed way too much for the average seven year-old of that time…) and I was even more blown away that all this would happen in a mere four years! Well, 1987 came and went, and no jet packs dammit. I was a little heart broke, but puberty was just getting started, so I had other things to worry about, and so as the years past I’d almost forgotten about a future full of whizzing jet packs. Or so it was until today!

Martin Aircraft Company has just recently tested a jet pack to an altitude of 5000 feet and then had it safely return to the ground. Okay, so it kind of looks like something Cobra Commander would send after the Joes,

but it still an unreal achievement. Apparently the jet pack was loaded with a crash test dummy and flown to 5000 feet where it hovered for a period of time then used a parachute system to return to the ground. Here’s what developer Glen Martin had to say about the flight;

This test also validated our flight model, proved thrust to weight ratio and proved our ability to fly a jetpack as an unmanned aerial vehicle, which will be key to some of the jetpack’s future emergency/search and rescue and military applications…

They are estimating the Jet pack will cost about $100,000 per unit ( …and Bha-Zing! I’m still walking) and currently Martin is trying to get the pack FFA certified as an ultra-light aircraft. Check out the video below that shows the jet pack being tested at 5000 feet. The future is now! COBRA!



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