Image of Cosplayer Olivia Ward

Olivia Ward

What the hell’s an Atelier? Yeah, I know, Google it. Anyways, if you are really into cosplay then go check out Miss (miss? miz? mizer, ma’am?) Olivia Ward’s cosplay portfolio at Olivia’s Atelier.

Olivia is a 21 year-old Toronto resident who’s been cosplaying and making her own costumes for years now. Most of her portfolio is Anime and Manga, but she also has dressed as video game and comic book characters as well. Though, according to her site, she does sometimes work with a group, Heroes in Tights, to promote their products, she mostly makes and wears her own creations. She also makes costumes for friends and family, like this amazing Sinestro Corps Scarecrow she made for her brother.

Sinestro Corp Scarecrow by Olivia Ward


I’ve posted a few small examples below, but if you’d like to see more of Olivia’s work then go visit her site or check out her Deviant Art page. I can’t stop saying Atelier. I’m pretty sure that’s a type of South African Penguin known for swimming backwards, right? Right.


Olivia Ward as Psyloke

Olivia Ward as Black Lantern Ice

Black Lantern Ice

Olivia Ward as Sailor Neptune

Sailor Neptune

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