Alamo Draft House-Angry Voicemail

I really really really wish every theater used this policy from Alamo Drafthouse, which is “We do not tolerate people that talk or text in the theater. In fact, before every film, we have several warnings on screen to prevent such happenings. Occasionally, someone doesn’t follow the rules, and we do, in fact, kick their asses out of our theater.”

I like seeing a movie on a big screen, but it’s becoming such a pain in the ass anymore I can’t justify the price. Not too long ago Trog and I went and saw Your Highness at our local theater. Not only was there a whole sea of flashing cell phone lights in the rows below us, but one woman even brought in her fucking iPad. Anyhow, I think Trog ranted about that before, so I won’t go into it again. Check out the video below of a voicemail an angry customer left, who was kicked out of one of their Austin theaters for texting.


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