Ola Elmoochadores! Unfortunately, this world runs on money and so does Atomic Moo. So to help the site out financially we’ve signed up with a few vendors to help promote their products in exchange for a small commission. Chief among these vendors is Entertainment Earth, which has an awesome amount of collectibles all for sale online at damn good prices. So if you were to click on one of the many Entertainment Earth ads located on this site and made a purchase, not only would you be getting a great collectible but you would also get it with out the hassle of going to a store and you would be helping Atomic Moo at no extra cost to you. Pretty damn cool, neh? This way everyone is happy and Atomic Moo gets to grow and progress to the a whole new level of awesome!

We’ve decided to take a little time each weekend to highlight some of the cooler stuff we’ve found over on Entertainment Earth. All the things we write about and post on here will be things we probably would have written about anyways, and now that we know about this cool site, they are also things Chudd and I will probably end up purchasing ourselves, if we haven’t already. So sit back, grab a cool beverage and give it a look, and if you see something you like then hit the link, make a purchase and do your part to stimulate the economy… take a look.

Disney Trail Mix-Up Jessica Rabbit Mini Maquette

Image of Jessica Rabbit

Holy crap she can rock a pair of khaki shorts! Check out this amazing mini maquette of Jessica Rabbit from the Trail Mix-Up animated short. Made by Electric Tiki this maquette stands 8 inches tall. Golly I dig sultry red heads in work gloves…

The Big Lebowski The Dude 8-Inch Action Figure

The Big Lebowski Action Figure

The Dude abides… as an 8 inch figure with a cool rug that can “really tie the room together.” Yeah, I’m giant Lebowski geek, and I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen the flick. Being able to have The Dude sit among my collectibles would be out of this world cool.

Robotech Zentraedi Light Artillery Battlepod

Zentradi battlepod

Is it weird that I find this almost as sexy as the Jessica Rabbit maquette? Good, I didn’t think so either. I love (LOVE) Robotech and right after I’m done with this post I will be putting my order in for this amazing looking Zentradi Light Artillery Battlepod. Grrr… Nerdgasm! Standing at 1: 100 scale this figure is articulate and arrives packaged in a window box. Serious, I can’t wait to get this one. And I’d also like to take a moment to thank (and tell) my twin brother Chudd, for buying this for me with the debit card he left laying around the apartment. Thanks buddy.

That’s it for this week folks, Next weekend we’ll bring more amazing collectibles being sold at Entertainment Earth to your attention so that you can fully immerse in all the geeky goodness being offered.


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