Dungeon Siege 3

Child of Eden

Hey geeks! We got an email today from one of the herd about some upcoming XBox releases. He asked that we don’t give his name, so he’s going by the code name “Old Gamer.” I guess we have an inside informant now… kind of like Deep Throat… which up to year or so ago I thought was just an old porno.  Anyhow, here’s what he has to say about the games:

Dungeon Siege 3 releases on June 23rd in the US and looks to be a newer, fancier Gauntlet (or Diablo). It has Mass Effect’s Conversation Wheel, and a similar influence system for companions.  If you removed the open-world and the plot and reduced the number of classes/abilities from any of the Dragon Age games, Dungeon Siege 3 is what you would have. There is drop-in co-op mode, both on Live and on one box, just like Fable 2. Button mashing, old school reminiscent fun, with many modern game features, all lumped together into one not terribly original or complicated package, though gameplay seems fun if you like Gauntlet-style games…

Child of Eden releases in the US on June 14th and from the trailer that’s been out since last June it is like nothing you’ve ever played before.  But it’s really Tempest (for those who are old enough to remember).  It is designed to work with the Kinect and maybe that will change the game play enough to make it fun to play for hours instead of minutes.  In a game like this you don’t expect a story, but they insist on giving you one, and it is a really stupid one that begins on “September 11, 2019”. So Stupid. The graphics are really cool, to be sure, and the cut-scenes are the most impressive I have seen. The whole thing looks like a bright, pretty, Japanese acid trip, but the gameplay looks too repetitive to be fun for long.

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