Yeah, yeah… I know it’s Sunday, but I had a hell of a busy day yesterday so I’m just going to pretend this moment right now is Saturday and that I’m still on track with my weekly comic reviews. Speaking of which, this week I needed a palette cleanser to get rid of the bad taste of last weeks pick. I needed something that is as damn close to being guaranteed to be good (nay, awesome) as one can possibly find on the aisles of a comic book store and there’s only hero (hero?) who can live up to such expectations, but unfortunately they were all out of Archie Comics so I got a Deadpool instead.

Deadpool Vol. 6, I Rule, You Suck

I don’t know why I started with Vol. 6, to be honest I kind of just grabbed a random Deadpool collection and started to read, but that’s the great thing about Deadpool; it doesn’t matter where you start or which one you read, they’re all great (well, to my limited knowledge they’re all great…).

This Hardback edition is written by Daniel Way and illustrated by Carlo Barberi and Bong (Bong?) Danzo, and covers issues #27 to 31 of the regular series. At the beginning of the story we find Deadpool right where a deadly mutant hitman should be… at a convenience store trying to buy a burrito. Micro-wave burrito.


that better be one damn good burrito...

However, things quickly get out of control when a group of armed terrorist invade the store, which is really a front for another terrorist arms dealer, and then Deadpool doesn’t get his burrito. What he does get is a chance to team up with his childhood hero, Steve Rogers and the Secret Avengers as he works through an evil plot by his therapist, Doctor Bong, that has clones, terrorist, and a really sexy Black Widow to boot! I’d also just like to say that Doctor Bong is quickly becoming one of my all time favorite villains. I wish my therapist were that cool and maybe a little less evil… but what can you do right? Just swallow the pills and hope life gets a little shiner.

The second part of the collection has Deadpool facing off against some sun happy vampires.

Wait, not vampires, “Draculas” as Deadpool calls them. Remember, all Draculas are called Draculas. I feel like I’ve spoiled too much already, but I will say that Vol. 6 delivers everything that is great about Deadpool. It’s funny and chuck full of action. I think that’s what I like most about Deadpool, not only is he entertaining but with a little good writing (like the kind that Way put into this comic) the character of Wade Wilson becomes genuinely likeable. So, if you’re looking for a great read brought to life with great illustrations then I would highly recommend Deadpool vol. 6. Of course I recommend you go and find this book at your local comic book store, but going on the assumption that you may be unable to find it there, or you’re feeling like you want to help Atomic Moo then you should know that you can also purchase a copy of Deadpool Volume 6: I Rule, You Suck through our banners and links. By doing this you get a great product at no extra cost and you help our fledgling site grow into something bigger and better. So, go ahead and click away, and let’s make everyone involved a little happier.

We’ll that’s it for today (Saturday!) folks. I hope the rest of your weekend is fabtabuloustic and you find a little joy in comic heaven.


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