Awesome Red, White and Blue Cosplay for the 4th

Wonder Woman by Alisa Kiss

Happy 4th of July El Moochadors! What better way to celebrate freedom in America than to check out some gorgeous girls in sexy cosplay? America does have it’s faults, but hey, at least we’ve given these girls the freedom to express their creativity and beauty however they want. Lucky for us geeks, it’s as scantly clad super-women. Also, as a lonely geek, I have the freedom to troll the internet looking for such beauties. All of these I found off of I tried to find cosplay that represented the Red, White and Blue of our flag. The only costumes I could think that do that are Wonder Woman, Power Girl, and Super Girl.

Funny thing is, I think all of those characters are immigrants to America, which is actually kind of fitting since most of us here come from immigrant backgrounds. Hell, it was only five generations back that my ancestors decided to leave Scotland, not wait for a boat to Australia that they were suppose to get on, and say “Eh, What the fuck? We’ll go to America!” Then they joined the Mormon church and became polygamists… I guess that’s a story for another time though…

Anyhow, check out these girls and their creativity, and count yourself lucky we live in a country where we can appreciate such things. The image above is without a doubt one of Trog’s and mine favorite cosplayers, Alisa Kiss (or Alisa Farrington I think is her real name). She’s definitely worth checking out her DA gallery. Enjoy!

Super Girl by Rinata-Chan

Super Girl Rinata-Chan

Belle Chere as Power Girl

Power Girl—Belle Chere

Wonder Woman by PrincessAirezen

Wonder Woman by PrencessAirezen

Power Girl by PhoenixBeauty

Power Girl by PhoenixBeauty

Princess Diana by Lola Gainsborough

Princess Diana by Lola Ganisborough

Supergirl Animated by AlisaKiss

Supergirl Animated by AlisaKiss

Might as well end with her too…



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  1. Hey, I recognize the carpet in that first picture. (The carpet on the floor silly!) That’s Dragon*con!

  2. I’ll have to take your word for it. I’ve never been to Dragoncon. Hopefully someday I’ll get chance. Until then I’ll just have to stick with the San Diego Comic Con.

  3. Mister Trog

    07/09/2011 at 5:04 pm

    Oi, if miss kiss there is at Dragon con, we’re a go’n! Start saving your nickles ‘n dimes!

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