Awesome Looking Star Wars Game That You Can’t Touch!

Fleet Commander

Please please please tell me that the kids playing this game are not the same kids that developed it. As a chubby white guy who’s about to turn 35, and my only accomplishments so far are a half-ass degree in graphic design and a shambled together geek blog… well, that would just bring me down. I came across this on my reader this morning (via, and apparently it’s a student project for the Electronic Visualization Laboratory at the University of Illinois at Chicago by a guy (and hopefully not one of those kids) named Arthur Nishimoto. I remember my student projects were staying up all night trying to figure out how the fucking pen tool worked in Illustrator… I need a drink… Here’s what they had to say about it on their Youtube page:

Developed at the Electronic Visualization Laboratory (EVL) by MS graduate candidate Arthur Nishimoto, “Fleet Commander” explores how a real-time interactive strategy game that would typically rely on complex keyboard commands and mouse interactions be transferred into a multi-user, multi-touch environment.

Originally designed for use with TacTile, a 52-inch multi-touch LCD tabletop display, “Fleet Commander” game play has been ported to
EVL’s 20-foot wide multi-touch LCD wall, Cyber-Commons.

“Fleet Commander” uses Processing, an open source programming language.

Seriously, the lab is named EVL? …Or EViL??? It’s obvious these guys have greater ambitions than nifty strategy games that appeal to geeks. They’re plotting I tell you! And having said that I now pledge my allegiance to our future lords and masters, and I’m more than willing to sacrifice my friends and fellow Moos to further your cause. HAIL EVL! Anyhow, the rest of you take a look at the video and enjoy.

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