Slave Leia PSA

I’ve seen this on my reader a couple times this morning… or noon I guess… sorry, I woke up late again. It’s a PSA from about alternative cosplay to the Slave Leia. Here’s my take on it—if some young, good looking girl wants to dress up as the sexiest space slave in science fiction for the viewing pleasures of us lonely geeks, we should in NO way discourage her. I agree, there are plenty of other great looking alternatives out there. Zatanna, Psylocke, Power Girl, Dr. Mrs. The Monarch,  and Faye Valentine are a few that I love to see (oh and also Vampirella for those girls brave enough to try it), but Slave Leia trumps them all. So for those of you who bitch about too many Slave Leias, SHUT THE FUCK UP! Comic Con is next week, and I’m eagerly looking forward to it. If I walk into the convention showroom floor and see nothing but a sea of girls in Slave Leia costumes, then I’ll know that I was in some horrible accident on the way down there that took my life, and that I’ve been granted access to Geek Valhalla by the gracious Flying Spaghetti Monster. Hopefully, someday we’ll all earn the right to be there. Check out the video below and let us know what you think.

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