Two Years in a Row and We Never Knew it Was Her…

So… I feel like crap. The con crud has finally caught up with me. I was just trying to take it a little easy, and was browsing the internet, when I came across this article from (not a site a visit regularly). I was just curious to see what was so bad about Adrianne Curry’s Aeon Flux costume to get her kicked out of Comic-Con. I still don’t get it. Seems like we saw much worse stuff while we were there. Anyhow, I started browsing through the other photos  when I came across this one…

I said to myself “huh, those look familiar…” (look, it was only until tonight that I noticed the name tag; I can’t be totally blamed for missing it).  So, just outta curiosity, I started browsing the photos we took last weekend (which I’ll upload all of them to the site… soon… I promise) when I came across this one of Trog…

Same girl from above! Trog got a photo with Adrianne Curry and didn’t even know it! Isn’t that the same girl who was a naked human sushi platter, plays WoW naked, and mounted a Brady? Probably naked??? And we totally missed it was her? We just thought she was another hot cosplayer in an awesome costume. And the worst part is, I got a photo with her last year and didn’t even know it!

I think I made some stupid comment  like “Hey, this is what I want for Christmas, yuck yuck!” And I had my hat flipped up like a dork too… Ahhhhh… we’re retarded.

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1 Comment

  1. Buttery Wholesomeness

    07/29/2011 at 1:34 pm

    Trust me, if you’d looked cooler, the Mob would have dispatched your ass with alacrity. Better to blend in, sir. After all, you don’t have breasts.

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