Morning Regurge: Comic-Con Nerds Aren’t Doing Enough to Save the U.S. Economy…

Okay… It’s not really morning anymore, but close enough. I was going through my reader this morning when I came across this gem (via Apparently we Comic-Con nerds are spending too much time in fantasy-land and not enough energy on the U.S. economy… right? Let me know if I’m missing the mark on this one, but that’s what I was getting from this nob from RT… whatever it is (?). I don’t have cable (and have no desire to pick it up), so sorry if I’m not aware if there’s another over the top dumbass 24 hour news network wanting to compete with the rest of the dipshits.

Her opening line about nerds not “fighting in the real world to save the U.S. economy” really struck a sour note with me. Hmmm, the money I spent at Comic-con seemed real enough to me (I mean it had the U.S. Presidents on the bills and not Aquaman or the Flash… but how fucking cool would that be???) You’ll have to forgive my simple understanding of economics, but I thought spending and getting cash circulating around was a good thing, especially in tough economic times, but again, I could be wrong. I was thinking some of the money I spent on food and lodging at the con would eventually get passed down to the employees of those businesses allowing them to feed and house themselves (and then they could spend some and support other businesses with employees and so on). And even the money spent inside the con I thought would help support individuals with their own hopes and dreams of being able to do the shit they love to do and make a living from it. Gawd forbid anyone would want to do that in America… right?

I’m sorry there’s homeless in San Diego. Honestly one of my biggest fears is that I’m going to end up in that situation if I’m not careful here. But! Even if all those who went to Comic-Con this year decided to give all the money they would have spent on the con to charity, specifically to help the homeless… there would still be the homeless. I’m not saying it wouldn’t help, it would some, it just wouldn’t solve the problem. I have a feeling the homeless problem in San Diego (or anywhere) goes a lot deeper than that. Another thing, I don’t feel it’s fair to try and pin that responsibility on Comic-Con attendees when through out the year there other events and celebrations that draw in as much cash, if not more (how much did Harry Potter and Captain America make that weekend? How much was made off the Superbowl? Christmas shopping at Walmart???.).

I guess I could go on for awhile why I think this lady is a total fucktard of the highest degree, but I have my own projects that I’m trying work on (you know, ’cause I want to make my own hopes and dreams come true), some of which were inspired by going to Comic-con, and hopefully someday I, my brother and my friends will be able to benefit from. So I guess I’ll just close by saying GO FUCK YOURSELF, CUNT! If you do that you’ll be doing something so much more productive then spewing out your bullshit on cable.


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  1. You tell her Chudd!
    The amount of stupid that fell out of that Hag’s cock holster was astonishing. I kept hoping for a rack of stage lights to break loose and crush her right down to the rollers of her cheap office chair. That didn’t even make any sense. “How can you go to the Con when there are Homeless people?”
    Hey fuck you lady! Are you high?? Con Geeks didn’t ship all of our high paying manufacturing jobs to third world mud-hut Countries and line their pockets with the profits! When the fuck was it decided that the handling of the nations economic woe should fall on the shoulders of Comic-Con attendees?? The ignorant twat needs to have her face glued shut!

    On a lighter note, you got your pic taken with that cosplay girl! Not sure if you knew that.

  2. I did?

  3. Trog got some pics with some girls in Trekkie uniforms, but I don’t remember getting any… dammit…

  4. Mister Trog

    07/31/2011 at 3:19 pm

    “cock holster”, holy shit that was awesome! Also, I just wanted to ad that many of the homeless in SD have severe mental health issues, so does she want all the FOUR day comic con attendees to stop what they’re doing and provide long term care for these people? Shouldn’t some of our tax money or religious donations (billion dollar industry yet Jesus still has millions out on the street…) go to providing mental health solutions and housing? What a brainless cunt.

  5. Lol to true Trog. And chudd, yeah, you posted it in your Con run down here on the Moo. You in the middle, some chick dressed as a Twilek on your left and the girl from this news clip on your right. Both have lightsabers. You just saw her at the Con. lol

  6. I think she’s just trying to put a negative spin on the con to try and cause a little controversy and make an interesting story. It’s the same bullshit we keep getting from today’s news media. Everything has to be sensationalized.

  7. I think they gave her a fluff piece on the Con because she is a dim witted tart and can’t handle real news. So she tried to turn in into something is isn’t by talking about the economy. lol She needs to go blow the homeless.

  8. Yes, cosmic fucktard. No doubt about it. I think she has a Targ stuck up her lady parts. She’s just looking to be an ass and she succeeds fantastically!

  9. Buttery Wholesomeness

    07/31/2011 at 8:12 pm

    >Couldn’t that energy be put to better use?

    Yeah. It sure could. It could be used to make professional contacts. It could be used to perform professional tasks, and earn money. But, hey. It was. On both counts.

    >Tickets are $175

    I got in for free. If i didn’t, I wouldn’t have been able to go. Even so, if you save all year to go to SDCC, and you get in and support yourself (food, lodging, etc.), and all you saved all year was a grand, why are you bitching at them?

    >Why spend all your money at comic con?

    Because we don’t buy football tickets, you cum dumpster.

    >Why not give to charity?

    Who says we don’t? I give when I have. I’ll bet I’ve done more to help the local homeless than you have, you miserable fucking hag.

    >You can’t really say we don’t contribute to the economy, since we expand the local economy of San Dieg-

    *shakes head*

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