New G.I. Joe Fan Film

Ola El Moochadores! Check out this great new fan flick (via Nerdbastards) by film maker, Mark Cheng. It’s pretty damn cool but I couldn’t help but notice it lacked in Baroness-es. C’mon, wheres my leather clad, black haired, beauty? Anyways, check it out and have fun.


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  1. ha i just emailed you guys about this! glad you liked! and…. you may see a cameo of character you missed in the final film 😉

  2. Looks pretty bad-ass so far… If the cameo is of who I think it is (Baroness?) then I’ll definitely look forward to it. Maybe that could lead into a sequel staring just her, Scarlet and Lady Jane… trapped together in a women’s prison on some steamy jungle island… yeah… Damn, I should be a screen writer.

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