Just some interesting stuff here that I’ve come across and thought is worth a Moo. Dang. I should just save that and post it as my intro for these. That way I won’t have to rewrite it, and still explain what the Morning Regurge is about. Now there’s some think’n for ya.

New Mondo Tees A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors Poster

I thought this looked pretty bad-ass, and it’s from Mondo Tees, or the guys who do really cool shit. I came across this in my reader (via GeekTyrant.com), and thought I should share it. I’m a huge fan of Mondo’s work, and I love the illustration style. I’m also a huge fan of the third Nightmare on Elm Street film. Sure the name “Dream Warriors” is kinda… well, you know… but after watching a giant Freddy snake almost swallow a girl (and they didn’t use any CGI back then kids), a topless tongue-flinging nurse, and Dick Cavett turning into Freddy to take a stab at Zsa Zsa (see below), it became my favorite of the Elm Street films. Looks like the poster will be available on Thursday August 4th… wait, that’s today! Fuckers! I just paid my rent and I’m outta cash!

Awesome Tor Johnson Illustration

If you’re Ed Wood film fans, then you should recognize this face. This awesome piece of geek art is by Drew Freidman, and titled Tor Johnson Returns. I kind a wish I could get a print of this and hang it over my desk here. What could go wrong with Tor Johnson looking over you all day, right?

Awesome Black Widow Cosplay

Bishoujo Black Widow Cosplay by VampBeauty

Check out Vamp Beauty here in a Bishoujo Black Widow costume. Again, I have to say she’s definitely one of my favorite coslplayers. She did this at Comic-Con and I missed it! Well, at least I got a picture with her as Psylocke. Still…

Sorry, but that’s all I have time for this morning, and I gotta run. Hopefully there’ll be more to regurge tomorrow.

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